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This Membership Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement);

Cami Mah. Balıkcılar Sok. G Blok No :20/36A Viaport Marina Tuzla / İstanbul  resident at  BIONCA ( “ ” aspect will be referred.)


Address and name/surname in the "Member Information" field the following terms and conditions between the declared person (hereinafter referred to as a Member) contracted under the terms.

This Agreement is the member's  by It has been concluded with the aim of enabling them to benefit from the services to be provided, determines the rights and obligations of the parties.

The following terms are covered by this agreement are used with their defined meanings.

According to this;
Member:  The business has accepted this agreement and applied for membership. and application accepted  products and/or services offered through the beneficiary,

E-Mail Address: The member's account and the member's account defined, its use, content and confidentiality are under the responsibility of the member. existing, defined during the establishment of the membership and subsequently changed unavailable e-mail address.

Password: The member used together with his e-mail address and enabling the member to be recognized by the system,  by  over Compulsory for transportation to the services offered; use and safety 6 to 16 designated by the member, all responsibility of which belongs to the member. interdigit alphanumeric phrase,

Member Account: Members  before to benefit from the various products or services stipulated by this contract. account that can be used for,

Product/Service:  operated by  over goods sold for sale, services offered,

Product/Service Fee:  the product or service offered to the information of the members through selling price of,

User: Regardless of whether you are a member or not,  your address who can visit public areas and take action in these areas. allowed natural person,

Credit Card/Debit Card: Members,  address authorized institutions, which they can use in their transactions purchase of goods and services or cash without the use of cash a printed card valid in accordance with the relevant legislation, or card number without physical presence,

Service Channels: Selection exclusively including the mobile telecommunications applications, JAVA, SMS, WAP, ITV (Interactive TV), IVR (Voice response systems), Customer Service, kiosk and internet ( ) infrastructure platform and the like,

Gift Points: Terms of entitlement, allocation and use exclusively  Members and/or users authorized by various printed document or physical presence that provides advantages non number,

Order confirmation:  members for the purpose of confirming the order they have placed onn  within the sent to the registered e-mail address and/or mobile phone number via SMS, notification with details of the order,

My Account Menu:  over accessed, members  their transactions and where they can follow the stages of the orders and other permitted transactions. their personal space,

SMS:Short Message Service,

Customer Service: Written or verbal communication of members where they can get information and consultancy services relevant part means. In this agreement, the singular and plural of the definitions means to include singulars.

4.1 Membership Application
4.1.1  membership, proper filling of the membership form can be initiated by By clicking on the relevant acceptance notice membership application to everyone who does this, has read and accepted all the provisions of this contract, that it has the necessary conditions for declaration, acceptance and commitment that it will become binding in accordance with it does.  a special be a club , this contract Membership application made by the person who wants to benefit from the services in question. reserves the right to refuse.

4.1.2 The accuracy of the information given during the membership application and its compliance with the law has been declared, accepted and committed by the applicant. If it is determined that the information given is against the law and the truth, the membership can be cancelled. In this case the member,  over products, services, services under any name due to any transaction made expenses, compensation, etc. therefore not demand to the responsibility of declares, accepts and undertakes that it cannot go. of, if any, paid The rights of the prices to take back the delivered product are reserved..

4.1.3 Membership, at the initiative of the service channels It can be started from any. Contract by applying for membership The member who wants to enter into a relationship, electronic communication for this instruments will be used, the legal relationship to be established in this respect will be manually that the wet signature to be signed will have its provisions and consequences, for this legal relationship also accepts and undertakes that confirmation with a wet signature will not be required.

4.1.4 In the membership application, the member is required to accept the application. by entering the mandatory information in the membership application form correctly and completely. liable. Persons who meet the membership conditions, after the application is completed  by other information that may be requested  or by contacting customer service. responsible for completing.

4.1.5 The member carefully reads and accepts the terms of the contract. ability to keep a copy of the membership agreement changes or additions that may be made from time to time, data declare, accept and accept that you can easily access the transfers, terms of use of the service. and commits. Changes or additions to the terms of the contract  address first It is presented to the member's information at the entrance. "Accept" option presented to him membership of the member who does not click, without compensation and any similar obligation. can be terminated. The member always accepts the terms of membership for the duration of the contract. agrees and undertakes to fulfill.

4.2 Membership Start  by To send an e-mail to the e-mail address that the user whose membership is initiated, By this means, a confirmation notification is sent when the membership is started. Member, with the acceptance of membership  from your services will be able to take advantage of.

4.3 Using a Member Account
4.3.1 Each member can have only one member account. Member account only to benefit from the services defined in this contract. can be used for the purpose. Member, services and/or member account provided by in a way that is against the law and public morals, in a way that disturbs others or sell the service to others and/or generate income, commercial or not purposes and/or other than the purpose of this contract.

4.3.2  acting in violation of this provision and/or having more than one membership any membership or membership of the member it determines to have reserves the right to terminate it immediately without notice. Member's legislation or whether you have the qualification stipulated in this Agreement in cases where it cannot be determined, the membership will continue until this deficiency is corrected.  by may be suspended or immediately revoked.

4.4 Email address and password
4.4.1 , details of membership, acceptance of membership application After the registration, it is sent to the e-mail address provided by the member. Member,  by technical notice of any notice sent to registered contact addresses. in case he does not reach him for reasons any of declares, accepts and undertakes that it is not responsible.

4.4.2 The e-mail address to be used by the member and The obligation to protect the password and any responsibility related to the use belongs to the member. belongs. After logging into the system with the member, e-mail address and password binding for the transactions to be made and the orders to be placed declares, accepts and undertakes that.

4.4.3 Member's e-mail address and/or password due to use by people   any of any damage or any dispute arising from it if he pays to compensate the damage suffered by the Company and/or to pay the payment made to the member. has the right of recourse  In addition to these applications, always for third suspected or detected to be used by persons reserves the right to cancel, terminate or suspend memberships.

4.4.4 The member has the right to change his password at any time. The member takes the necessary actions for password change.  at from the relevant section. If the member forgets his password, the customer by calling their services or  password by following the directions at can take.

4.4.5 The reported e-mail address cannot be changed,  if; changes to their systems, for security reasons and/or any For this reason, it may request the member to change his e-mail address or change the password. can also change. Members are subject to requests to change their e-mail address. promises to comply. In case of any change , change to member It will notify you via SMS or e-mail. Member  by accepts, declares and undertakes to comply with the changes notified to it.

4.5 Personal Information of the Member
4.5.1 Both at the beginning of the membership and during its continuation. Personal information can be requested from the member. Name, surname declared by the member, T.R. ID number, date of birth and taken in terms of the member's security informations; It cannot be changed by the member. Other than these, personal belongings of the member information can be changed by the member; member for this seamlessly pass the security check and verify credentials liable.

4.5.2 Member; given and  data Personal information (name, surname, address, age, e-mail address, identification number, contact number, etc.) and member movements,  by the statistical reporting system or in the field of advertising and marketing (survey and/or promotion) and its users consents to its use to determine general trends accepts, declares and undertakes.  this information without harming the member's personal rights. If he/she shares that he/she will use it with someone else, the third party will also comply with these principles. accepts, declares and undertakes that it will ensure that it behaves in accordance with.

4.5.3 Member, e-mails, faxes and letters to be sent to if it contains personal information, the confidentiality of this information and is fully responsible for its own safety., of above has no responsibility within the framework of the defined conditions, the customer records of correspondence and telephone conversations with  by knows that it can be kept and consents to the storage of these records. accepts.

4.5.4 By accepting the terms of this contract, the member regarding all kinds of personal information and transactions made during use. necessary  whether competent authorities have the right to question, if requested, necessary agrees and undertakes to provide detailed information.

4.6 Termination of Membership
4.6.1 since the member account is used by third parties. In case of suspicion and/or detection, the member account may be closed and/or business this contract without notice  by may be terminated. In these cases, the member's compensation and similar claims has no right.

4.6.2 , if it deems necessary, its membership for any reason may be terminated without notice. Regarding the termination of the membership, the member any loss or damage and/or any accepts, declares and undertakes that it will not demand compensation. expired subscription information to be determined by in the time period  data remains in the base.

4.6.3 The member can unilaterally access the member account at any time. can close. Member,  After completing the member login to the address You can terminate your membership from the page. In addition, the member may terminate his membership. written request for  member account by forwarding it to customer service may request its termination. Membership, member's request in this direction to forward it to the proceedings regarding the termination of the membership  by ends when completed.  has the right to ask the reason for terminating the membership. Member, You can restart your terminated membership by contacting customer service. This In this case, the membership started as a new membership, independent of the previous membership. is traded.

4.6.4 In case the member account is closed; any of does not have any rights and/or receivables, any compensation and accepts, declares and undertakes that it cannot make similar demands.

5.1 Member,  for the product/service offered over product/service specific price, in accordance with the terms of the purchase request will be found. , quality or quality of the products or services on the website. reserves the right to make changes in terms of quantity as well. place on website The images provided may differ from the real ones. This difference is regional or It can also occur in packaging, size and other methods throughout the country.